Paul Anderson, Principal Investigator

Associate Professor
Director, Data Science
Department of Computer Science
College of Charleston

Dr. Anderson is the director of the Data Science B.S. Program, and the director and principal investigator of the Data Science Research Group. His research lab specializes in developing novel algorithms in the fields of data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, that are applicable to bioinformatics, genomics, biomedical informatics, and metabolomics. His expertise includes machine learning, e-Science, cloud computing, evolutionary computation and optimization, and cyberinfrastructure. More recently his lab has been developing streaming and distributed machine learning algorithms on parallel computational engines (e.g., Spark and GraphLab), including distributed versions of kernel expansion approximation methods with variable importance and large-scale genomic sequence processing. He has funded multidisciplinary projects in metabolomics, human cognition and fatigue, toxicology, marine biology, cancer informatics, and medical and marine genomics. To date, Dr. Anderson has mentored 22 undergraduate researchers and 5 graduate students. He is the principal investigator for the Omics NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates ({\tt{}}): in this role, he oversees the overall team-driven research agenda that includes students from Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science, and Biology with PIs from multiple institutions (e.g., NOAA, NIST, and the Medical University of South Carolina). Besides these academic roles, Anderson has an active industry partnership with BoomTown ROI to research and develop deep learning and NLP technology.

Lab Members

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